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Edge11 Academy Goals System

Edge11 Academy is a program built around its players with major emphasis on goal-setting. Before the start of each program ALL players will be required to meet with our Edge11 coaching staff to determine what realistic short and long term goals they hope to achieve. Whether it be through our personalized individual training, small group sessions, or full team clinics we will push EVERY player to new limits technically/physically/tactically/and psychologically—we place significant value on mental conditioning as we feel the psychological component serves as the foundation for the other three elements within player development. By the end of each specialized program it is our expectation that (1) individual goals are met and (2) ALL players will continue down the path to becoming complete soccer players both on and off of the pitch.

After meeting for an initial evaluation session, ALL REGISTERED players will complete our "Edge11 Player Goal Setting Worksheet" which can be found HERE. Players will be instructed to specify what short and long-term goals they hope to accomplish while working with Edge11 Academy resulting in more purposeful training and development.

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